What to Expect on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days you will ever experience as a human.  People have many different beliefs and there are too many different denominations to even begin to talk about all of them here.  After choosing the venue and setting the date and time, you should decide what type ceremony you really want.  What wedding ceremony best fits your personalities?  Are you quite religious?  Are you more towards the civil wedding ceremony?  Are you looking more at a ethnic or themed type of wedding ceremony?  When choosing your wedding officiant, you will want to make sure they fit  in with the theme or style of wedding ceremony you have in mind.

Your special day will start with your family and friends waiting at your venue for the brides appearance at the entrance.  The groom is with the wedding officiant  at the front.  Once the bride gives the cue, the wedding ceremony can then begin.  If the bride is being escorted down the aisle to be given away, the groom must wait until after the introductions a introductions are made by the wedding officiant to accept his bride.

Once the groom takes the brides hand, he will then brine will then bring her to the front, facing the wedding officiant, so they may t, so they may begin taking the steps to join as husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony itself, usually has a short amount of time that the wedding officiant gives the “sermon” or advice for the bride and groom.  Once this is finished, The wedding ceremony will have vows for the bride s for the bride and groom to accept.  These wedding vows may be written by the wedding officiant or by the bride and groom or a combination of both.

The “sermon” and the wedding vows are what g vows are what the family and guests will remember the most from your wedding ceremony.  Your wedding officiant should help you ensure you have the ceremony YOU are comfortable with and not one you are stuck with.

Once the wedding vows are finished, the wedding ceremony may have a blessing of the rings.  The wedding officiant will hold the rings in their hand and offer a blessing over them.  The wedding rings are then held out one at a time for the bride and groom to take and place take and place on each others finger, saying, “With this ring, I thee wed.”.

There may also be some special elements in your wedding ceremony, such as a sand ceremony, untity candle ceremony or hand fasting ceremony.
Once those aspects are completed in your wedding ceremony, the wedding officiant will  officiant will pronounce you husband and wife.  The wedding officiant will then have the couple kiss, sealing their vows to etheir vows to each other.

The wedding officiant will then introduce the couple, as husband and, as husband and wife the guests and family in attendance.

Having a custom made wedding ceremony is a must for you to have the day of your dreams so make sure you choose a wedding officiant flexible enough and creative enough to make yours a day to remember.

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