What Are Some Options for a Wedding Venue?

Choosing your wedding venue is probably the most worrisome issue you will run in to during the planning of your wedding.  There are many choices to consider and some can be accomplished without spending your entire wedding budget.  A few things you will want to consider of course, is that whatever type wedding venue you choose, it is quiet enough for you and your guests to enjoy the wedding ceremony your wedding officiant helps you to prepare.

Some Simply Amazing Wedding Venue Options

In order to assist you in thinking of places to consider as your wedding venue, these wedding venues hopefully will open your mind to thinking of places you have maybe dreamed of having your perfect ceremony.  Your wedding venue needs to be convenient for you but also easy for your guests to get to.

Hotel Banquet Room Wedding

Choosing a hotel banquet room may not have come to your mind, but this is actually a common alternative if you are seeking a flawless wedding ceremony.  There is good reason behind this choice.  Mainly, it’s inside so no concerns for the weather, and the hotel usually has the ability to do the catering and bar services so you only have to concentrate on getting married.

Outside Wedding Ceremony

Many couples choose this type wedding as they have flowers and landscaping lending a natural beauty to their wedding ceremony.  Wedding ceremonies have been held in public parks, gardens or even a farmer’s field.  A few things to think about though are these:  have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather, make certain you have space and level ground for seating and that if you are having your wedding reception at the same venue, the caterers will be able to service you and your guests.  Most times these weddings go off with no problems weather permitting.

Traditional Church Wedding

Some churches will allow you to rent their facility as your wedding venue.  These usually are not time consuming as far as planning goes.  The setting is already in place so adding a few flowers or bows to the pews are about all needed to prepare for your ceremony.  Some churches have multipurpose rooms that may be used for the reception for just a few dollars more.  Be aware that some churches only allow members to use their facility or may already have ceremonies scheduled so don’t delay if this is what you want.

Little Brown Church Wedding

Should you want a small wedding with a small intimate feel instead of full blown church wedding, consider checking with small local churches.  Weddings in small churches tend to be very cost effective as well as giving your wedding ceremony a warm, close family feel.

My Backyard Wedding Venue

Many times, money is a large hold up of planning your wedding.  Backyards, your own or of a friends or family member, has become a popular option to keep costs down.  Most often, the bride’s parents host this type location, as parents have in the past.  Keep in mind the number of guests and the weather, as inclement weather would require moving inside.  This can really cut your wedding budget as you can prepare the food yourself and save a lot of money without having to use a caterer.

Beach Wedding Venue

Most all brides have dreamed of a beach wedding.  The most common things to consider here is how close is the beach to you?  Will you need to get permission or purchase a permit to use the beach? And where will people sit?  You also should consider your guests and whether they will need to stay in a hotel and if so, if the hotel is close to the actual site.  Also, check out the post on beach wedding theme so you can see other things you may not have thought of.

Special Wedding Locations

Some places you probably never considered are places like bed & breakfasts, hunting lodges, ski resorts or even banquet halls such as Masonic temples or fraternity/sorority houses.  There are many places such as these, having gardens, rooms or even fields that make beautiful settings for your wedding.  In general, take your time and look at several of these and see what their cost is, what things they offer for free, and of course how convenient they are to get to.

No Holds Barred Wedding

If you should be one of those lucky couples, and money is not an issue with you, then by all means look for that mansion that specializes in weddings or would be willing to allow you to have your wedding ceremony at their facility.  Most mansions can be rented out for special occasions and they are usually not just sitting there in plain sight.  You may have to look for them.  They may have a hefty fee to book them for your special day but well worth fulfilling your dreams if that’s what you envisioned for the most beautiful day of your life.

Choosing your wedding venue can make or break your day, so, making sure you have thought it out well and done your due diligence will make selecting your wedding venue a piece of cake…wedding cake that is!

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