Wedding with an Average Budget

Preparing for your Big Day should be enjoyable, but if you’re not aware of your needs, your Big Day could cause undue stress and ruin your memories. There are several things you need to take into consideration if you are on a limited budget: first, your ceremony does not need all those frilly things that cost you a lot of time and money as in a large wedding; second, make sure you are planning a wedding and not a party; and third, your budget is your budget and you need to stay inside that envelope of funds.

Deciding what funds you have available could be the hardest to determine out of all the plans you are trying to make.

In order to remain inside your set amount of funds, you need to determine what things are important to you first. Making a list from both the bride and groom is a good way to see what elements of your Big Day are Important to you and gives you both a good place to start with making your arrangements.

At the beginning of your planning, it’s a good thing to try and work below your budget in all things.  Doing this early will help prevent you from going overboard on something later that is just not that important or was not that important to you when you sat down and made your list of important elements.  Hopefully, doing this will help you save some money so you can enjoy more after the wedding.

Another factor for remaining in your budget is to know how many people each of you will be inviting.  Although this is your Big Day you are planning, you have to remain aware that the more guests you have, the higher the reception costs and the more likely you will be to order frills and do-dads to enhance the look and feel of your ceremony.  Simplicity remains the guiding factor for remaining in your allotted funds.  How you determine the number of people attending can be done in many ways.  Equal guests for both the bride and groom or a set number and both of you sitting down to make the list fit into those numbers are easy ways to accomplish a list you can afford.

OMG the reception! Planning a reception on a budget can be a nightmare.  Usually, the reception will include a modest meal and something for the guests to do, such as dancing with live music, a DJ or even a boom box.  One way to save is to have your wedding in the evening around 6pm.  Most will eat before they attend giving you the opportunity to have light Hors d’œuvres. Finger foods are generally well accepted for later in the evening ceremonies and receptions.

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