Wedding Reception Games Played While Seated

Wedding Reception Games Played While Seated

Ever been in attendance at a wedding reception and felt bored, tired or just plain not included?  Talk about a nightmare!  This could be because you don’t have a DJ or maybe your guest just are not into dancing or walking around.

Well, now what do you do?  Believe it or not, it is easy to change the feel in the reception room and also help you guests meet others and have a better time while most importantly – also getting to know the bride and groom better.

One fun game that has a hint of a trivial pursuit game touch to it is simple to play using a card placed on the tables in front of each guest.  These cards simply have “Bride” on one side and “Groom” on the opposite side.  Have your DJ, wedding planner or other designated person to be the leader and ask the questions about the wedding couple.  Some sample questions are like “which one was born in Washington, DC?  which one had a favorite stuffed animal named Froggy?  or which one, at 7 years old, broke their arm pretending to be a super hero?”  You get the idea here I’m sure.

The guests don’t shout out the answers, instead, they hold their card up to the side with their choice on it.  It can be alot of fun and really open your eyes to what the guests think but even more fun to hear the true answers!

Just one word of advice for you on this game, don’t ask questioons about ex’s or questions too much on the sexy side – there will be grandparents and small children there you won’t want to offend.

Another version is to pit the men against the women on just two teams.  They can some up with their answers together as a group and pitting the men against the women is a concept that most enjoy and will certainly make for good entertainment.

There is also a cute game that gives the groom a chance to have a moment in the spotlight.  Just how well does he really know his bride?  Does he know how she “feels” and her “touch”?  You might just let the wedding party participate or as many guests that would like to play.  It’s really up to you.

Blindfold the groom and then line up the one;s that are playing.  The bride gets added to the group somewhere.  You then send the groom to find his bride!  Now the rules are pretty simple – he may shake their hand, they may kiss him on the cheek upon request or maybe he may feel their leg or hair. What you want is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with.  I’ve even seen it where the groom could only touch the participants leg.  One time, the best man ahd shaved his leg put a garter on and groom felt it.  The groom might be required to kiss the knee of the person while blindfolded he chooses as his bride – several times the groom has ended kissing a gentleman’s knee and the guests laughed like crazy!  It was all in good fun and all enjoyed.

Another fun game where the guests stay seated is the “feed me” game.  Again the groom is blindfolded and the bride gets moved into the crowd somewhere.  He is given a piece of food (something not messy like a grape or piece of cheese) and then he is spun around.  The bridal party stays close so there is no accidents of falling or the likes.  He is then guided only by the brides voice to find her and get the piece of food into her mouth.  When she has been fed, you do the same to the bride until she finds her and feeds him.

Now you think of some other games to make you day special!


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