Wedding Music Games

Wedding Music Games

Just as food and drink is expected at a wedding, music is just as important.  Of course, many have weddings with no music, but I think we all find it too quiet and frankly it can get boring.  Certainly it makes no difference if you “spin” music from an Ipod or contract a string group or even a DJ or live band, music should be included in your budget for your wedding.

A common misconception though, is that music is just for dancing.  There are many, many games you can add for your music to make the reception  and wedding day fun.

Many couples prefer to give away the centerpieces on the tables as prizes for the games they choose so there really is no added cost to playing a few games.

One popular game is musical chairs that we talked about in another post but you can also have a great time playing “Name That Tune”.  This game is ideal for under 50 guests.  Who ever is planning the wedding should get a list of the favorite songs of the bride and groom and creat a CD of those songs.  The guests should be divided into two groups and you can do this anyway you please.  Maybe guys against gals or just count off 1, 2 and do it that way.  Play a few notes of the song and then let each team tell you how many notes it might take them to name the song.  Another option would be to say how many seconds it might take them to name that tune.  Most all will enjoy playing this game and the bride and groom get to hear their favorite songs in the process!

If you are having a very elegant wedding, this game would probably not work as it moves away from that elegance.

Another game might be to let the guests “call out” the wedding couple to dance by doing something and then daring them to do it better.  It might be hula hoop to a song and then see if the couple can do it better, or dance something like the twist or a ball room dance and let them copy you.  The guests get to enjoy the interaction with the couple on a more one to one basis and still have fun themselves.  Many good memories may be enjoyed later when you remember “Granny” did the twist at your wedding!

As I always try to get you to remember, your wedding day is just that – YOUR WEDDING DAY.  Have fun in creating ways to make it a day you will relish for the rest of your lives.

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