Fun Wedding Reception Games

Wedding Reception Games to Keep Your Guests Moving

I don’t think anyone who has ever attended a wedding has not really been surprised as they all are very alike. We meet the new couple and watch the traditional dances with each other, the parents and maybe even the grandparents, but actually mingling with the other guests rarely happens. We have a tendency to stay with the people we know for our own comfort. Now we have couples using their imaginations to use games to help the guests have a good time and yet meet others as well.

This is a good game for getting guests off their seats and talking to guests they may traditionally just wave to and helps all invited to really feel like they are contributing members to the wedding day and not just watchers.

An excellent game your guests may really find fun, from your young guests to your grandparents, is a type of scavenger hunt type game.

For this game, your DJ or another appointed person will serve as your game leader. Before the reception, you should make a list of things for your guests to search for. You may even make it a per table game and have someone keep “score” as to which table “finds” the most items on the list. Some examples of things you might ask for are: someone with painted toenails, someone in a red dress, a gentleman with a black purse, (this will make a man have to ask a female at his table to hold her purse so he can raise it up to get the point!) – I think you see what I’m talking about.

Your DJ might also initiate a round of musical chairs – with a twist! They could have the gentlemen go to the dance floor and bend down on wone knee, acting as the chair. The ladies would then dance around the “chairs” and when the music stops, find a knee to sit on. The one who has no knee is out until the final couple are there. Another style of this game is to eliminate the couple if their “chair” collapses. This game usually gets huge laughs from your guests as well as adding a feeling of being welcome to be themselves at your reception.

If your wedding is small, say under 25 or so guests, a game to help them mingle a bit more might be to give each guest a number like counting them off, 1 – 2 or even 3, and then having them join like numbers to form a team. You might then have a list of questions about the couple and see which “team” can answer the most questions correctly. The teams would work together then to get an answer for the whole team.

Lastly, don’t think your guests will get upset or get offended by your playing these games with them. Wedding planners have said they have had a good time helping plan these games with couples and that guests have reported afterwards how much fun the wedding and reception was. But mostly, how much they would remember the special day had been to them!

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