Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

Photo Ideas for Fun Weddings

One of the most important elements in a wedding are the pictures.  Couples can’t wait to get the photos back after the ceremony and photographers work hard and fast to get proofs to them as soon as possible.  There are alot of fun things you might consider adding to your wedding day to add some fun and special memories.

Recently, at a wedding reception I was in attendance at, the couple had provided a box with “props” such as funny hats, boas, scarfs, and beads – you may put anything you want in your box – and the photographer had a backdrop so each table could come and get “dressed up” and have a picture taken.  This provided lots of laughs and at the same time everyone had a picture taken for the memory album of the couple.  You could save money by having someone with a digital camera man the area for you and get those funny moments for your special day.

This is a great idea for entertaining and mixing the guests as they wait on the couple to make their entrance.

You might even expand that idea by having a printer or instant camera on hand and supplies for the guests to create a “page” for a scrapbook ( I would probably make pages alike and a place to put the picture on the page ahead of time.).  Should you not want them distracted by this activity, then by all means just take the photos and save them until you have time at home to make what you want.

Either way, you will see some funny pictures and bring back the fun and memories of your special day including who was there.

Although it is not a “new” idea, many brides will pass out one use cameras for the guests to use.  This may provide some candid shots for your memory book but my past experiences say don’t use them as your only source of wedding photos.  Children often manage to get them and take some really silly pictures and your wedding day memories will be of bugs, floors and little kids faces up close.

A wonderful way for the couple to have the two families work together is to collect pictures of the couple at various ages in thier lives.  I’ve seen slide shows on walls or even a photo album of the pictures and most all enjoy looking at them.  Carrying it a step further, you could have photos of action shots at younger ages.  Like shooting a ball or playing army or the like.  Then place them in frames and provide little pieces of paper for the guests to look at the photos and try and guess the age and activity that was happening in the picture.  A basket or jar with a number on it that matches the number on the photo will keep the answers straight.  The couple can provide the correct answers sometime during the reception and give away the table centerpieces to the one with the closest or correct answer.

Most importantly, just have fun and make sure you get photos of your guests too.  As the wedding couple, you will most likely be very busy and no matter how hard you try, you can’t always meet and talk to every guest in attendance.  These photos may be the last time you see some elderly family so don’t miss the chance to get a good picture of them when you can.

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