Fun Ideas for Destination Weddings

Brides are becoming more and more creative in planning their wedding day and location weddings are becoming increasingly more popular.  This sometimes has a result in a smaller wedding but allows for more opportunities to add some fun too.

Beach wedding venues have become really popular in the past few years, to the point of beach venues being very popular or even planning an exotic wedding location such as the Bahamas or Cancun.  No matter where you plan, there are alot of things you can do to make the wedding alot of fun.

One thing is if you should have a destination wedding that may require guests to be there for the weekend or more, you might plan some activities such as scuba diving, a boat tour or even just a game of volleyball on the beach.

Chartering a boat for a day of fishing or to go tubbing provides for some good fun and relaxation and time to get the pressure off from getting ready for the wedding.

A caribbean wedding might call for a cooking show or planning a luau.  You might plan these before a more formal dinner or a sit-down dinner such as your rehearsal dinner.

A Hawaii venue might be fun with a hula lesson.  One thing to remember though is to allow for some recuperation time for your older guests so they don’t have aching muscles from all that hulaing LOL.

A fun game is also a pass the shell game.  A rather large shell is passed to each guest with a small journal book.  As the “listen” to the shell, they listen for advice for the wedding couple.  (they actually think of some good advice for themselves)  They would then write that advice in the little journal and the couple will be able to read it for years to come.

You could plan a shopping trip, a guided tour or even a wine tasting event but you should remember the couple is expected to pay for these events or the couples family.  Telling guests that the event will be X amount of dollars will likely cause some hard feelings or cause them to not show up at all.

Usually, a destination wedding is for those who plan on having just their closest friends and family in attendance, so for some of your guests, this may also serve as a “vacation” for them.  If so,k you may want to use caution in planning too many activities or things to do and allow them to plan their own activities.  You might want to plan only afternoon or evening joint activities in order to allow them to do their own thing at other times.

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular today so have fun and see some place you have always wanted to see on your wedding day.

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