Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Actually that is a good question!  As a Wedding Officiant, I’ve officiated weddings both ways.  In most cases, I suggest you consult a good wedding planner.  Are their exceptions?  Yes!  Let’s talk about both.

If your wedding is less than 10 people, close family and a few friends, then you probably don’t need a wedding planner.  There is little to get ready for the ceremony except setting up a good photographer, choosing your gown and showing up.  A good wedding Officiant should be able to help you with this size wedding.

If your wedding will be more than 30 people, then you should get a good wedding planner.  Why you say?  A good wedding/event planner knows what to expect and how to handle those little things that go wrong at the wrong time.  You don’t want your wedding day or the planning of your wedding day to be a JOB – you want to be able to enjoy getting ready for it without stress.  A bride has enough stress without having to take on the responsibilities of the event too.

So what do you look for in an experienced wedding/event planner?

  • Ask them how they got started in their business and how long have they been a wedding planner.

Sometimes, like wedding photographers, wedding/event planners just “open” their business and let you pay for their training. You don’t need to pay for their education – you need to let them educate you on how to have a stress free wedding day.

  • Ask to see their portfolio/website.

An experienced wedding/event planner will have one or the other – complete with referrals.  They will almost know what you need to know before you ask!

  • Make sure their personality and yours is a match.

You are entrusting them with the details of your dream wedding ceremony – so make sure you can communicate with them and that you BOTH understand what is expected of each other.  The wedding/event planners I have worked with in the past are like night and day.  One very professional planner was on top of everything and actually was available to enjoy the ceremony while keeping everything on time and in place.  Another one was still making decorations in the back while the reception was taking place.  I think you get the picture.

  • Understand what is included in their fee – in other words – make sure you know what you are getting from them and that it is in your budget.

From time to time, I see couples wave off a wedding/event planner as an “un-necessary” expense.  To me that is like waving off the Ob/Gyn as an un-necessary expense to having a baby.

Finally, talk with the professionals you have already chosen and see who they recommend.  I recommend one to all my clients if they don’t have one.  I’ve worked with them and they are fantastic so it makes me job easier and the bride and groom more comfortable on their wedding day when they are used.

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