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Although some couples ask for children not to be present for there wedding, there are alot of couples who want families to attend, including the children.  Children at a wedding can be quite the problem if plans are not made to help them with something to do.

I think we all know what happens when children get bored or think they need to find something to do on their own.

Some will have the children in a seperate room with maybe some place to color, maybe play a movie for them, or even some board games depending on their age.  It really don’t take alot to keep them busy for ceremony itself as most are less than a half hour long.  As for the reception, depending on how long your reception is, you might plan on the movie with popcorn or healthy snacks with enough adults to have a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 children.  Remember, children won’t just jump in and play a game or do anything on their own.  The responsible childcare person you ask should realized they will need to initiate the activities to keep the children busy.

Some would prefer the children be present at the reception instead of a seperate room.  You might plan on a setting aside a table for the children to color or draw on.  Remember to only provide washable crayons or markers for your activity.  Weddings today also have bubbles on the tables which most all children love.  If you don’t mind them blowing bubbles all during the reception, then certainly give them their own bottle and turn them loose.

You don’t have to just limit the activity to coloring though.  Pipe cleaners to bend and make things with, Floam is another thing they can shape and keep, or even the pre-cut rubber peices that stick on scrapbooks to make things works well.  Most children love to make things and either keep them or give them to someone.

If your ceremony is more on the formal side, you may want to consider hiring someone to entertain the children.  Maybe a clown, a balloon twister, have a blow up jumping thing, or even a magician will certainly do the trick.  One couple even hired a children’s DJ and had them in a seperate room to dance all they wanted to children’s songs.

If you ask for no children at your wedding and reception and you find yourself with children there anyway, you may want to have a children’s only dance and let the little ones dance their little hearts off.  Everyone will be entertained watching the children dance and some very memorable moments may be caught on camera to later enjoyment.  How many grandparents wouldn’t be smiling at watching the “Grands” dance.

Use your imagination and certainly look at your budget to plan on the little ones enjoying your wedding day as much as you do.

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