Fun Ideas for Destination Weddings

Brides are becoming more and more creative in planning their wedding day and location weddings are becoming increasingly more popular.  This sometimes has a result in a smaller wedding but allows for more opportunities to add some fun too.

Beach wedding venues have become really popular in the past few years, to the point of beach venues being very popular or even planning an exotic wedding location such as the Bahamas or Cancun.  No matter where you plan, there are alot of things you can do to make the wedding alot of fun.

One thing is if you should have a destination wedding that may require guests to be there for the weekend or more, you might plan some activities such as scuba diving, a boat tour or even just a game of volleyball on the beach.

Chartering a boat for a day of fishing or to go tubbing provides for some good fun and relaxation and time to get the pressure off from getting ready for the wedding.

A caribbean wedding might call for a cooking show or planning a luau.  You might plan these before a more formal dinner or a sit-down dinner such as your rehearsal dinner.

A Hawaii venue might be fun with a hula lesson.  One thing to remember though is to allow for some recuperation time for your older guests so they don’t have aching muscles from all that hulaing LOL.

A fun game is also a pass the shell game.  A rather large shell is passed to each guest with a small journal book.  As the “listen” to the shell, they listen for advice for the wedding couple.  (they actually think of some good advice for themselves)  They would then write that advice in the little journal and the couple will be able to read it for years to come.

You could plan a shopping trip, a guided tour or even a wine tasting event but you should remember the couple is expected to pay for these events or the couples family.  Telling guests that the event will be X amount of dollars will likely cause some hard feelings or cause them to not show up at all.

Usually, a destination wedding is for those who plan on having just their closest friends and family in attendance, so for some of your guests, this may also serve as a “vacation” for them.  If so,k you may want to use caution in planning too many activities or things to do and allow them to plan their own activities.  You might want to plan only afternoon or evening joint activities in order to allow them to do their own thing at other times.

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular today so have fun and see some place you have always wanted to see on your wedding day.

Wedding Centerpiece

What wedding centerpiece to use may be a couples most difficult thing to decide on as it sets the tone for the reception.

As a couple, I’m sure you want everyone to go “WOW!” when the enter the reception room.

Using a floral arrangement as a wedding centerpiece is what most choose to use as they can make a table pop when guests enter the room.  Flowers also are very easy to match your color theme.

Be creative when you are thinking about your wedding centerpiece.  It should be a reflection of your personality and may even be humorous or very serious.

Some couples will use flowers in a non-traditional way.  Traditionally, your wedding centerpiece would be a formal floral arrangement.  You may also choose to use floating candles with flower petals scattered on the table around the candle.  A simple hourglass vase with stones or sand and a single flower works well also as a wedding centerpiece.  Remember, it makes no difference if you use real flowers or artificial flowers for any of your arrangements.  Some beautiful keepsake arrangements may be made of artificial flowers and names placed on them for special people involved in your wedding as gifts to them on your special day.  Even using fruit in a container makes a great wedding centerpiece.

The wedding centerpiece should reflect the personality of the couple and set the tone of the room as guests arrive.  An inexpensive way to do this is with small candle lamps and petals scattered over the table.

Candles add that feeling of romance to your reception and have an unlimited number of ways to be creative using them as a wedding centerpiece.  One way is to use candles of varying sizes or floating candles in different size glass bowls with glass stones, small jewels or even small stones in the bottom.  Pearls work very well too and can be found at most any craft store and give a more traditional look to your wedding centerpiece.

Going green is very popular with many couples today for making a natural wedding centerpiece .  You may use potted plants in inexpensive baskets with ribbons matching your bridal colors.  Couples put a number on the bottom of the baskets and put numbers on the place cards at each table.  After all the toasts have been made, one of the speakers will have someone at each table pick up the plant and match the number to the number on the place cards.  The lucky guest will get to take the plant, your wedding centerpiece, home with them as a reminder of your special day.

Beach Themed Weddings

A good wedding centerpiece idea for this type wedding would be little buckets filled with sand and seashells and maybe a pinwheel or small sailboat.  Using vases with seashells in the bottom or simply filling a small bowl with seashells makes for  a great tie in to your beach theme.

Placing a small goldfish in a little fish bowl with colored rocks in it matching your wedding color theme is very pretty also. Placing numbers on the bottom as with the potted plants to send them home with one of your guests or you may have a fish tank of your own to take them home to.

Balloons as a Wedding Centerpiece

Balloons are relatively easy to find in your color theme and work well as a wedding centerpiece.  Just remember to use an odd number for each table and ensure the balloons do not interfere with people trying to talk to each other during the reception.  If children are at the reception, you have to be prepared for them to “play” with your centerpiece.

A wedding centerpiece guaranteed to have a huge “wow factor” is ice sculptures.  Ice sculptures are considered very elegant and when done correctly will have your guests talking about your wedding centerpiece the entire evening.  One way I’ve seen them done was a single rose frozen inside a cube and place on every table.  The flower color will tie into the wedding color theme easily and it certainly adds a touch of romance when placed between two floating candles.

Once you start to use your creativity, there is no limit to the items you could use as your wedding centerpiece.  Having said that, it is easy to blow your wedding budget on a wedding centerpiece.  My hope here is to show you that there are ways to cut those costs and save your wedding budget for the things you really want and not on the wedding centerpiece.

Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas for a wedding centerpiece you could use with most any wedding theme.

1. Tie three helium filled balloons to a small box filled with sand or stone, covered with metallic paper or paper to match your color theme to act as the weight to hold them in place.  Use ribbon matching your color theme to tie them to your weight.

2. Use potted plants and add artificial flowers in you color theme in inexpensive baskets or clay pots you have painted to match your colors.

3. Use floating candles in larger bowls and add floating flowers matching your color theme.

4. Build balloon topiary trees by inflating up to six balloons and tying them together making a round ball of balloons.  Tie them to a long wooden dowel  and then place the wooden dowel in clay pots filled with sand, stones or even plaster to make them stand upright.  Decorate the pots to match your wedding color theme and tie ribbons of different lengths to hand from the balloons.

5. Place one large candle and place it on a plate or piece of wood.  Tie ribbon onto candle and add a small artificial flower in your wedding theme color and then scatter flower petals around the base.

The point here is for you to use your imagination and design your wedding centerpiece to show your personality and your love for each other.

How Can I Have an Island Wedding When I Don’t Live on a Beach?

Face it….we’ve all dreamed of having an island wedding…wearing our beach best with sand, water and waves…a tropical wind gently moving our lovely wedding gown.  We don’t have to just dream of having an island wedding because we live nowhere near a tropical island.  We can just create our own!

So how do I get that “island wedding look” out of my wedding gown?  First we look at the bride’s comfort in the gown with the weather being hot outside.  There are several fabrics that are meant to be light and airy and will provide the movement a slight breeze would cause while being comfortable for the bride.  To list just a few of these fabrics that work well, choose material like georgette, linen, charmeuse, gauze, satin, cotton, silk, or chiffon.  These fabrics lend to easy mobility and they keep to a minimum the amount of clinginess or sticking to the brides’ skin in the hot climate giving that island wedding look while tending to the brides comfort.

These materials can be in need of ironing when packed or not hung while traveling to the venue.  Sooooo,  in keeping with the island wedding/beach theme, sarongs, short dresses or midi length dresses work best.  It is really not advisable to have the train be long and cumbersome for an outdoor wedding.  All we have then is a dirty looking piece of fabric when it rests on the ground or dirt so using a short train works best.

Island wedding gowns tend to have color on them instead of being just plain white or ivory, which by all means are still appropriate.  This color can be added in many ways.  Something as simple as adding some piping, embroidery or a sash works very well.  Using small embroidery or just adding fine details with a hint of color tends to give the island feel without overwhelming the theme with too much color.
Because island weddings are so popular, there are many well known designers in the wedding business that have many gowns geared toward the island wedding theme.  There is no limit to how the gowns’ design can look, from having spaghetti straps, being strapless, a halter top look, and A-line, having an empire waist, being cut low in the back or even having full skirts.  Your tastes, along with your desire to have a gown attractive to your body style, is your goal in having a gown fitting an island wedding theme.

High heels on a beach?  Sounds interesting but is not very practical when walking on sand.  Traditionally, you will want to match your footware to your gown.  Sandals, flip-flops with some type of embellishment, or even barefoot with jewelry on the toes or ankles works very well in the island wedding theme.  There is no limit to how you decide to make the brides feet look beautiful as she walks on the beach with visions of her tropical island wedding in her mind.  Do take into consideration the time of day as hot sand on barefeet would tend to make the bride “hot foot” it down the aisle instead of walking gracefully to her groom.

As far as jewelry goes, simple is better for an island wedding theme.  Simple pearls, a fan, a parasol or decorating the brides hair usually is all that is needed.  Colorful flower tiaras or a hair comb with flowers or is jeweled works well to complete the look.
Where do I pull this theme off?  You can have island wedding anywhere there is sand or water.  Most rivers have a sand beach somewhere along their coasts and you can even use pool sides that don’t have sand but has good landscaping lending the look of a beautiful island wedding while being a nice place to relax.

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